Breathtaking costal rock formations, dazzling beaches, gold colored sand shores and crystal clear waters in all shades of blue are the characteristics of Milos island.

Milos is the southwest most of the Cycladic islands. Rock shapes and a very distinguished landscape are the works of the volcanic history of the island. Milos is famous for some of its beaches and costal areas with some must see rock formations sculptured by nature as no artist could do. The scenery is amazing and the waters are a permanent temptation to swim. Coves, caves and hidden bays are waiting to be discovered. Kleftiko bay is one of the most beautiful places in Earth, but also Sarakiniko and Tsigrado are of equal beauty. More than 70 small and big beaches with a variety of texture will keep you buzzy for all the days of your stay.

Restaurants with tasteful kitchen, colorful bars and unforgettable sunsets will complement all the hours of the day and night. Add to this the open heart local people and you have a unique vacation blend.

If you ever visit Greece for summer vacation Milos should be at the Top of your list.


Basic Characteristics

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