Romantic, adventurous, relaxing, historical, scenic, energetic- Santorini has it all and more! This island truly encompasses such a vast and varied amount of opportunities and activities fit for any kind of vacation you want. But regardless of the kind of trip you seek, one thing is certain- Santorini will fulfill your wishes! AMAZING ARCHITECTURE & LANDSCAPE Crisp, sugar-white buildings sprinkled with vibrant roofs cascading down a stony mountainside- the beautiful and alluring Santorini. This panoramic island commands the feelings of awe and wonder it evokes in those who delight its presence. As one of the world’s top tourism destinations, Santorini offers a wide range of dazzling sights, exciting activities, and peaceful relaxation that nearly 2 million visitors enjoy per year. Boasting romantic sunsets, sapphire blue water, and serene beaches, this island lives up to its popular reputation as a perfect island getaway. A UNUSUAL ARTIST: VOLCANIC ERUPTION Santorini is the remnants of an enormous volcanic eruption that was responsible for demolishing the earliest settlements, creating the current geographical terrain. Theory has it, that the eruption of Thera is the source of the legend of Atlantis- you’d have to check it out to weigh in on your opinion of this conspiracy! Three steep, jagged cliffs surround a vast, rectangular lagoon, where the main island slopes downward toward the Aegean Sea. A small island, Therasia, separates the lagoon from the sea on one side, where the northwest and southwest sides connect the lagoon and sea. The main port is called Athinios, and Fira, the capital, hugs the top of the cliff that overlooks the lagoon. The island is positioned around the rough and stony Caldera, the sea-drowned, active volcano crater. If you’re wanting to explore this heart of the island, the towns of Fira, Firostefani, and Oia are sure to provide the most magnificent views of the Caldera and leave you in awe. UNPARALLELED LIFE STYLE & ACTIVITIES Night owl? A variety of nightlife can be found- whether you want loud and energetic, soft and romantic, or just chill and laidback, Santorini offers it all! History buff? If you’re looking for a cultured vacation, head over to the archeological site at Akrotiri to discover one of the most prominent prehistoric settlements the Aegean has to offer. Experience the truly amazing ancient remains that managed to stay preserved while buried under the volcanic ash. Beach bum? Santorini is home to the most extraordinary sun-kissed beaches, such as Perissa, Vlychada, and Kamari. Notably, the unique red and white beaches are stunning in their coloring and are definitely a one-of-a-kind experience! Do you enjoy walking around and exploring different places? Visit the mainland villages scattered throughout the island, such a Pyrgos, for example, which is located on the highest point of Santorini, so it will leave you amazed with the scenic, panoramic views of the whole island in its entirety. YOUR WEDDING IN HEAVEN If you’re planning a wedding, what better place than Santorini- the Greek island of love? Over the past 10 years, Santorini has claimed the number one destination in all of Greece for weddings, with couple from all over the globe flocking to say “I do” on this Aegean gem. HOW YOU CAN GO THERE In regards to travel, Santorini has many regular flights arriving from Athens as well as direct flights from France, the UK, Italy, and Germany. There are also regular trips with ferries and catamaran ships- any way you need to get to this island is accessible, which makes it an easy breezy travel experience. When on the island itself, you can find car rentals, helicopters, and yachts, which provides a special opportunity to be able to see as much of Santorini as possible as well as other nearby islands!

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