Ponent Beach of Vilassar de Mar

Spain, Cataluña, Barcelona, Ponent Beach of Vilassar de Mar


Ponent Beach of Vilassar de Mar: It is an urban beach difficult to access by car, located at the south of the municipality, next to the Premià de Mar beach and by the Mercat de la Flor. It has beach bars, police surveillance service, Red Cross post with ambulance, fresh water fountain and a wooden access ramp for the disabled. The beach is delimited to the east by the Espigó de Garbí, where there are picturesque fishermen´s huts. It can be on foot via a level crossing located in the train station and crossing the N-II road via an underground passageway. The Renfe railway station is five minutes away from the beach. It has a length of 1160 m. and an average width of 26 m. It has a medium rate of popularity.

Basic Characteristics

  • Parking
  • Easy access
  • food and drink

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